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Butterfly Valve

  • Hydraulic Butterfly Valve Series

    Hydraulic Butterfly Valve Series

    Products Design Features Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valve is an advanced pipeline control equipment at home and abroad. It is mainly installed at the inlet of hydraulic turbine of Hydro power Station, or installed in water conservancy. Electric Power, water supply and drainage and other types of pump station pump outlet, to replace the check valve and gate valve functions. When working, the valve cooperates with the pipe host, according to the hydraulic transition principle, through the...
  • High Performance Wafer Butterfly Valve

    High Performance Wafer Butterfly Valve

    • Excellent durability of seat part and low operating torque by non-rubbing characteristics with triple offset construction.
    • Bi-directional zero leakage service by resilient metal sealing and torque seating.
    • Unrestricted selection of face to face dimensions for API, ASME (ANSI), BS, ISO, etc. and perfect interchangeability of gate, ball, plug, high performance butterfly, and other valves.
    • Low emission by quarter turn construction and good performance at automation by virtue of low operating torque and low cost.

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